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Infiniray Rico Micro P-Falcon 640+ Thermal Imager

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The Infiray PFalcon640+ is the international version of IRAYUSA's popular Rico Micro RH25 and is an advanced electro-optic device miniaturized to deliver remarkably versatile functionality: Handheld, helmet mount, weapon mount, and clip-on. Identical to Rico Micro RH25 (except for the housing colour and boot screen), and weighing less than a pound, the PFalcon640+ will fit in the palm of your hand and offers features never-before-seen in a helmet-mounted thermal, such as onboard recording, onboard video play-back, and a high definition AMOLED display. The PFalcon640+ / RH25 also features InfiRay’s latest high-performance 640x512, 12 μm sensor technology, MATRIX III processing, and a manual-focus f/1.0 objective lens to create an image that is unlike anything in its class.

The PFalcon640+ / RH25 will come with a 1.93" height weapon mount to co-witness with popular scopes in clip-on mode (or to use in standalone mode), as well as a proprietary helmet mounting bracket that interfaces directly with standard helmet shrouds with no additional parts necessary.

InfiRay Outdoor’s cutting edge manufacturing techniques and the highest-quality components on the market combine to produce an optic that is a step ahead of the competition in size, weight, and performance. The PFalcon640+ / RH25 has the features night hunters want and is more capable than optics twice the price and twice the size.

  • Supports 4 modes of use: handheld, helmet, clip-on and direct aim;
  • High performance 12μm VOx detectors: provide clear images at night and in harsh weather conditions;
The PFN640+ / RH25 is equipped with two lengths of battery cover, which can be adapted to batteries with two lengths of 65mm and 70mm.
Latest Firmware Update and Instructions (this will resolve the "jello"/laggy image in helmet mode).