L3 Harris NGAL/Next Generation Aiming Laser (Restricted MIL/LEO)

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The L3 NGAL (Next Generation Aiming Laser) is L3Harris’ latest weapon mounted laser system. The NGAL is a rugged, ultra-compact and lightweight system designed to be compatible with all generations of night vision devices. The NGAL uses advanced laser technology to produce a much cleaner laser and illuminator over old generation aiming lasers.

In addition to a very clean illuminator, the L3 NGAL has a much smaller footprint that a standard PEQ-15. This makes the laser a little easer to run ambidextrous.  The controls are also in improved locations.

The illuminator has both flood and extended throw illuminator modes so the NGAL can be adjusted for different environmental conditions. The illuminator divergence adjustment is in the rear so the user can adjust much easier than previous lasers where divergence adjustment is all the way in the front.  This is key when manipulating the gun at night and under stress.

The NGAL comes with diffuser caps so the user has the ability use the laser in dual high mode but tone back the laser.  This allows the user to still use the high power illuminator but not have the laser be too powerful for close distance aiming.