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AN/PVS-14 Monocular Night Vision Device

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The PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular is the current military issue night vision goggle for the US armed forces Infantry. It is also the preferred choice of many foreign (NATO) forces. Produced by the hundreds of thousands, the PVS-14 will continue to march on for many years to come.

The PVS-14 is the all around best multi functional night vision monocular available. Head or helmet mounted, the PVS-14 allows the user to retain their night adapted vision in one eye while viewing their surroundings through the illuminated eyepiece of the PVS-14. The new battery housing completes the perfect package by allowing the user to power off the unit when in an upright position and power on when flipped down.

Gain control gives the user the ability to increase or decrease the tube gain. Under extremely dark conditions, gain control allows the user to adjust the gain upward, giving a better image. Under high light conditions, details can be washed out due to an excess of light. Lowering the system gain can allow those details to be better seen. Additional features of the PVS-14 include an infrared LED with LED indicator and a low battery.

With more than one million systems fielded by the D.O.D and Armies around the world, the PVS-14 is the all around best multi-functional night vision Device.