INFIRAY Outdoor Rico Micro RH25 (640x512 Micron) 25MM Multi-Purpose Monocular Thermal

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The RICO MICRO RH25 Multi-Purpose Thermal Monocular Series is an advanced electro-optic device miniaturized to deliver remarkably versatile functionality. Handheld, helmet mounted, weapon mounted, and headborne clip-on mounting. This device weights less than a pound, the MICRO will fit in the palm of your hand and can be used with standard dovetail helmet mounts or rifle-mounted as a stand-alone weapon sight. InfiRay Outdoor is blazing a new trail with features never-before-seen in a helmet-mounted thermal, such as onboard recording, onboard video play-back, and a high definition AMOLED display. The RH25 also features InfiRay’s latest high-performance 640x4512, 12 μm sensor technology, MATRIX III processing, and a manual-focus f/1.0 objective lens to create an image that is unlike anything in its class.