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The Ultralight Articulating Night Vision Binocular device weights in at  17.76oz. The articulating design enables one or both eyes to be used along with thermal optics or other non-passive aiming systems. The UANVB Katana allows users to operate in vehicles and confined space management without the need to fully stow the unit.  

The minimalist design incorporates a built in onboard battery or an optional LEMO Power Port for auxiliary power via head born battery packs . Push button on/off in the recessed assembly reduces weight, footprint and design of the bridge. Individual pod power on/off when articulated past 90 degrees in the horizontal position allows the user to operate in confined space and eliminate snag hazards.

The Katana features a “Friction Lock Interpupillary Adjustment” that allows users to quickly and easily set IP stop distance with a simple set and reset for your adjustment needs. This feature comes standard on all units at no additional charge 

This unit is rugged and exceeds MIL-STD-810G and drop tested to the NATO 1.5 meter drop standard. All Nocturn Industries products are designed and hand built in New Hampshire, USA.


Material: Polymer

Tube type: 18mm MX-10160 style or MX11769 style with EGAC pigtail removed.

Color: Matte Black (Cerakote), Matte Coyote (Cerakote), Matte OD (Cerakote)

Weight: based off Optic choice, Power Port accessibility and Image Intensifier choice 

(Battery + Standard Pvs-14 lenses and Image intensifiers): 17.76oz/1.11lbs/503.5g

(No Battery + RPO Pvs-14 lenses and Image intensifiers): 15.12oz/0.94lbs/428.6g

On board power: CR123a

Out board Power: Optional LEMO port

*DISCLAIMER: Do not use onboard power and remote power simultaneously. Main power controlled by battery pack when remote power is utilized.

IR Illuminator: N/A

Pod power on/off when rotated past 90 degrees: Yes (Individually)

Ingress rating: IP68

Mount style: Dovetail

Warranty: Lifetime repair of all housing components no questions asked. (Does not cover damages to intensifier tubes or optics assemblies)