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Wilcox G24 Lite

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The Wilcox G24 Lite low profile breakaway mount is Wilcox’s solution for a light weight mount without sacrificing strength. Similar to the standard G24, this mount has a dovetail shoe interface with universal mounting compatibility.

The breakaway feature can be turned on or off using the built in switch. When turned on and under stress, the mount will break away from the base, reducing the potential for neck injury.

What’s the difference between the G24 and G24 Lite?

The Wilcox G24 Lite weighs 12% lighter than the standard G24 (5.2 ounces versus 5.9 ounces). The travel distance is the same for the G24 and G24 Lite.

The G24 Lite utilizes the lightweight travel carriage of the G69 mount and does not contain magnets (magnets are used in the standard G24 to work with the discontinued Wilcox auto off). This allows the G24 Lite to save weight while maintaining durability for rigorous use.